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JD/MPH Joint Degree Program

Integrating the fields of law and public health, the joint JD/MPH degree program, offered collaboratively through UIC Law and the UIC School of Public Health, prepares aspiring attorneys with the tools and competencies to address the legal and policy issues that impact health equity, justice, and inclusion. Degree candidates who complete the joint program will earn a JD and a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in Health Policy and Administration, while saving a year of study compared to students who separately pursue the two graduate professional degrees.

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Admissions Requirements Heading link

Students intending to pursue the joint JD/Master of Public Health in Health Policy & Administration program must meet the admissions requirements and fulfill the degree and other academic requirements of each program. To be considered for admission to the joint JD/MPH program, students must take the LSAT or GRE (required for admission to the UIC Law and accepted as a graduate standardized test for SPH), have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, and satisfy other application requirements for each college.

Degree candidates in either program may transfer into the joint JD/MPH program (before having earned 36 JD credits) if they meet the admissions requirements of the other degree program.

While it’s preferred that students begin the joint degree by taking their first year of courses at the law school, applicants can begin the program at either UIC college. Degree candidates initially matriculating at the UIC School of Public Health will complete their first year of MPH coursework and then begin the JD and complete the remaining MPH coursework following a schedule approved by both programs. Students in the joint program will have two advisors—one from the JD faculty and one from the Master of Public Health, Health Policy and Administration Division, who will assist the degree candidate with each respective program.

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To fulfill the requirements of the JD/MPH degree program, joint degree candidates must complete a minimum of 120 credits. Degree candidates will complete 86 credits at UIC Law and 34 credits from UIC’s School of Public Health, with 13 credits shared between the two programs. With planning, joint JD/MPH program can be completed in 4 years (with one class during a summer term) of full-time study.

Shared Credits

Nine credits of coursework taken at UIC Law will count toward required coursework at the School of Public Health, and three hours of coursework taken at the School of Public Health will satisfy JD Concentration in Health Equity, Law & Policy elective credits. Additionally, one hour of the School of Public Health’s Integrative Learning Experience will count toward the UIC Law Concentration‐required LAW 596 (Independent Study in Law).

Applied Practice Experience/Experiential Legal Education Credits

In lieu of the MPH Applied Practice Experience (IPHS 650) requirement, joint degree candidates will enroll in one of the relevant JD Concentration in Health Equity, Law & Policy legal clinics. These will be considered shared credits.

Integrative Learning Experience

The MPH requires all students to complete an Integrative Learning Experience (IPHS 698, 1 Credit). Joint degree candidates will enroll in the Integrative Learning Experience and will conduct a legal epidemiology/policy surveillance project with the School of Public Health. This course will satisfy the Independent Study in Law (Law 596, 1-2 Credits) requirement for the JD Concentration in Health Equity, Law & Policy.

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Master of Public Health Curriculum

Core Master of Public Health Required Courses

All JD/MPH candidates must complete the following core requirements of the Master of Public Health program (18-20 credits). Students pursuing the JD/MPH must also complete required non‐credit courses (e.g.,HIPAA Research Training and IRB Investigator Training 101).

*Degree candidates can also satisfy the Analytic & Research Methods in Public Health  (IPHS 402) course requirement by taking Analytic & Research Methods in Public Health, Part 1 (IPHS 404, 3 Credits) and Analytic & Research Methods in Public Health, Part 2 (IPHS 405. 3 Credits) online.

Health Policy & Administration Division Required Courses and Electives

Additionally, JD/MPH candidates must complete the following MPH in Health Policy & Administration Division requirements.

Juris Doctor Curriculum

Core JD Required Courses

JD/MPH joint degree candidates must fulfilled all of therequired core JD courses (50-52 credits).

  • Joint degree candidates are highly encouraged to fulfill their Lawyering Skills IV course requirement by selecting the Legislative or Health options.
  • Joint degree candidates will fulfill their Experiential Learning Requirement in one of the JD Concentration in Health Equity, Law & Policy-approved clinics.

Health Equity, Law & Policy Concentration Required Courses

JD/MPH degree candidates must also complete the following core requirements of the JD Concentration in Health Equity, Law & Policy (7 credits).

JD/MPH degree candidates will satisfy their remaining UIC Law credits through JD electives and shared coursework with the MPH Health Policy and Administration Division.