Room Reservations

Requesting Space in SPHPI

Greetings to organizations and individuals requesting space in the School of Public Health and Psychiatric Institute (SPHPI) facility located at 1601-03 West Taylor Street in Chicago, Illinois. Here you will find information on hosting an event in our facility, as well as the how to make a reservation using our SPH Online Room Reservation System.

The information found in these web pages will help you secure the right space and assist you in preparing for your event. While the SPH Online Reservation System will guide you through the process, you may receive additional assistance in making your space selection by emailing the SPH Front Desk at ( or calling at (312) 413-2012.

Please note that standard building hours are 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m, Monday – Friday.

Make A Reservation

Room Reservation Notes


All users are fully responsible for observing the Regulations Applicable to the Use of SPHPI Facilities attached to the contract. Additionally, all users are responsible for observing all other applicable University Regulations as well as local, state and federal statutes that may apply.

Reservation Confirmation

Upon receipt of the required deposit, a confirmation will be returned to the event’s contact. Rooms are NOT guaranteed until the confirmation and contracts are issued.

Reservation Cancellations

Reservations must be cancelled immediately when necessary, but not less than 48 hours before the scheduled event. Failure to cancel 48 hours prior to the scheduled event will result in the loss of the deposit or full payment received for reservation where required at the time of booking. Full payment must be received not less than two weeks prior to the event or the reservation may be cancelled.

Space Assignment

Space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. However, some SPHPI events such as courses, take precedence over all reservations. Should it become necessary to re-assign reserved space, every attempt will be made to accommodate the user with similar space.


Reservations for classroom space are considered only after classes are scheduled for any given term.

Setup/Breakdown Time for Event Request

Rooms will only be unlocked based on the times specified on your booking request. Users cannot enter the room prior to the start time of the scheduled event. If you need setup or tear-down time, please factor that into your request. The times you specify for the beginning and end of your  event should take into account any setup and tear-down.

Audio/Visual Technical Support

Requests for technical support and/or equipment needs must be indicated at the time of the reservation request. For a list of items and pricing, click here.

Payment & Billables

For university departments, you must provide a valid CFOAPAL in order to process the charges in BANNER. Checks are required from non-university organizations. No cash is accepted. Full payment must be received not less than two weeks prior to the event or the reservation may be cancelled.

Users will be responsible for all billable expenses incurred for the event. Billable expenses and fees shall be incurred for any of the following situations:

  • After hour and weekend use of space. Please note that such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and require Dean’s Office approval. A justification for why the event must occur outside standard business hours, an event safety plan and agenda must be provided by the requestor.
  • Requests for additional SPH services, resources, & space made on the day of event. NOTE: if additional resources are requested on the day of the event, we should just note that we’ll make every attempt to accommodate however; they will not be guaranteed.
  • Building service requests that go beyond the standard/daily building services provided.
  • Failure to cleanup and/or leaving space in a disorderly condition after use.

Event Listing

All events held in the SPH facility will be listed in the SPH Events Calendar. If your event is open to the public, please provide registration contact information.


Users are responsible for any and all catering needs and services.  SPHPI staff are not involved in selection or provision of services. Ensure that any catering services receive clear delivery instructions, specified on the invoice for the driver, and have staff on site to receive the delivery.

Photocopying and Faxing

Unfortunately, these services are not available for public use.

Building Contacts

Jose Alvarez, Facilities Operations Specialist, is located in office 186 and can be reached via telephone at (312) 347-4767 or by email at (

Saulo Barrera, Facilities Operations Coordinator, is located in office 175 and can be reached via telephone at (312) 996-0692 or by email at (

In Case of Emergency

UIC Police: (312) 996-4357
UIC Fire: (312) 996-3473
UIC Routing: (312) 996-7511
SPHPI Emergency Facility Management: (773) 575-5776

Have a safe and healthy event!