Global Health Scholarships

The Global Health program is able to offer several scholarships, designed to offset the costs of conducting international global health projects or research as a part of various School of Public Health degree programs.  Examples include MPH applied practice experiences and MS thesis research.  Students are encouraged to review all scholarships thoroughly before applying, as each scholarship has separate eligibility criteria and requirements.

Students can apply to all scholarships through one online application in the UIC Scholarships & Awards (SnAP) system.

The Global Health Scholarship Application period for the academic year 2019-2020 has closed.

External funding opportunities

Steps to Apply for Global Health Scholarships

  1.  Review available scholarships below to determine for which you may be a good fit.  The descriptions below also include post-acceptance requirements.
  2. Complete the general application in SnAP (if you haven’t already).
  3. Complete the SPH – Global Health Scholarships application in SnAP.  Components include:
    1. A personal statement (which should be written for whichever scholarship(s) the student feels they are best suited)
    2. A budget estimating total travel expenses.  Please include any other sources of financial support that would be used to help offset the total cost of the experience.
    3. A letter from the Host Organization outlining the parameters and expectations for the experience, if applicable.
    4. A letter from the applicant’s UIC supervisor (i.e. applied practice experience advisor) for the experience vouching for the applicant’s capacity for taking full advantage of this out-of-country experience and stating her/his willingness to serve as a contact at UIC for the student while out of the country.
    5. A statement about foreign language proficiency (speaking, reading, writing) and language spoken at the proposed destination.
    6. A copy of the applicant’s unofficial UIC academic transcript (available from  An official transcript is not necessary.

Scholarship Contact

Note: You must be in good financial standing to receive these scholarships.  Receiving any scholarship may affect your financial aid package. We encourage you to contact Student Financial Aid Services to determine your financial standing.

Note: International students may not apply for projects in their home country, but an experience in another country would be considered eligible.