Global Impact

Celina Garza poses for a picture standing in front of a white brick wall during her field experience in Mexico.

Celina Garza, MPH in Community Health Sciences student, traveled to Mexico and researched Mexico’s health care system, where she found many of the public health challenges in the US are also present in other countries, calling for great flexibility in public health practice.

Karis Barker headshot.

Karis Barker, MPH in Community Health Sciences student, traveled to Canada through the Global Health concentration and completed her practicum experience with the Elizabeth Fry Society, where she confirmed her passion for addressing the public health disparities that marginalized ethnic and racial minorities face.

Carrie Nacht poses for a photograph standing in front of a palm tree on a beach.

Carrie Nacht, MPH in Epidemiology student, completed her field practicum in Kisumu, Kenya during summer 2018, during which she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in international epidemiological research.  She says she benefited from her experience by improving her quantitative analysis skills and learning new statistical analysis.

Sara Stokes stands with local health workers she worked with in Kisumu, Kenya, posing for a picture.

Sara Stokes completed her fieldwork in Kisumu, Kenya, where she learned about overcoming public health challenges that surface at the global level and how local culture influenced the environment she worked in.

Meghna Nagam poses for a picture standing in front of a series of mountains in the background.

Meghna Nagam, MPH Community Health Sciences student, completed her fieldwork teaching sexual reproductive health classes in Bolivia, solidifying her desire to pursue a career in global health, including enrolling in the UIC’s College of Medicine’s Global Medicine program.

Sayuri Fujita poses for a photo with other fieldwork students in Israel, standing in front of a large sculpture of two Hebrew letters.

Sayuri Fujita, MPH Health Policy and Administration student, traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel during the summer of 2017 to participate in a global health course and Applied Practice Experience at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

A building in Jordan painted with a large mural of a person in native Jordanian clothing walking next to a camel.

Jenny Guadamuz, MS Health Policy and Administration student, traveled to Amman, Jordan in 2016 to intern with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, where she performed a field study to gather information in the use of antihypertensive medications and hypertension control among Palestine refugees in Jordan.  Jenny was also a recipient of the Douglas Passaro scholarship.

Nicole Laramee poses for a picture with a small group of health workers.

Nicole Laramee, MS Health Policy and Administration student, completed her fieldwork in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2016, building a sustainable business scale-up model for a neighborhood-based disaster risk reduction program created by several UIC colleges and implemented in Haiti in 2012.  Jenny was also a recipient of the Douglas Passaro scholarship.

A group of children perform a dance with Mary Otoo, who is not included in the picture.

Mary Otoo, MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics student, worked with an organization called Unite For Sight to provided free vision care and eye restoring surgeries for residents in rural Ghana in 2016.  Her responsibilities on the field included recording patient information, performing visual acuity tests, dispensing medication and eyeglasses as prescribed by the local doctors, and coordinating referrals for surgeries.

Richard Peyton sits at a table with a number of men and women, having a conversation.

Richard Peyton, MPH in Maternal and Child Health student, worked as the recruitment and retention liaison and programs director at Anza Mapema, a study under the Nyanza Reproductive Health Society, in Kisumu, Kenya. Anza Mapema, which loosely translates to Early Start, is a program that aimed to recruit 700 men who have sex with men for participation in an HIV prevention/treatment program.

The Washington Monument, framed by cherry blossoms on a spring day.

Noreen Sarhene, MPH in Health Policy Administration and MBA student, completed her practicum in 2016 with IMA World Health, a non-governmental organization in Washington, D.C. that offers sustainable and efficient solutions to health-related problems, including providing medical supplies, fighting diseases and strengthening health systems and women’s empowerment.

Ariel Trocino delivers a PowerPoint presentation to a small group in Grenada.

Ariel Trocino, MPH in Health Policy and Administration student, worked with the Ministry of Housing and Social Development in Grenada, honing her skill set in addressing global public policy challenges.

Kathryn Vivirito stands with fellow health workers at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, posing for a photo

Kathryn Vivirito, MPH in Epidemiology student, completed her practicum in western Kenya with the Kenya Medical Research Institute on a One Health program. The program focuses on the connection between human and livestock health within rural communities in western Kenya and offers free medical care for families and their livestock in the study.  Kathryn was a recipient of the Douglas Passaro scholarship.

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