Concentrations in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Industrial Hygiene (ANSAC ABET Accredited)

The Industrial Hygiene (IH) program aims to educate professionals with research skills and practical expertise at the masters and doctoral levels, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed to systematically solve occupational and environmental health problems.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

This concentration, which is only for students in the Residency in Occupational Medicine, prepares public health practitioners with clinical experience to provide health care and preventive services to workers in their workplaces.

Occupational Safety

The concentration in Occupational Safety will provide students a solid foundation in the prevention of acute traumatic injury in the occupational setting, and will help prepare students for leadership and research positions.

Water Quality and Health

The Water Quality and Health concentration is offered to students interested in chemical and microbial water contamination, the management of water quality, water monitoring regulation, and the impact of water pollutants on human health.