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Financial Aid

Assistantships Heading link

A female student sits with a male student, helping with him with his homework. The woman's hand is on the man's notebook, following a line of text as she reads.

School of Public Health faculty, divisions, administrative offices and research centers employ graduate students as teaching (TA), research (RA), or graduate assistants (GA). The stipend amount is determined by the appointing unit and may be subject to tax. Tuition and the service fee are waived for assistants if the appointment is between 25 and 67 percent for at least three quarters of the term (91 calendar days in fall or spring semester, 41 calendar days during the summer session). All assistants must maintain a minimum of eight semester hours in the semester for which the waiver is held (three in the summer term).

Scholarships Heading link

A group of students sits in a meeting room, having a discussion about a project.  One student is typing on a laptop while the student at the head of the table is speaking.

The UIC School of Public Health recognizes outstanding students, faculty, and alumni each year via numerous scholarships for academic and research achievements, and overall potential for success in the field. These awards are supported through generous contributions from donors within the public health community.

Student Employment Heading link

Two students are listening to a third student during a conversation, with one of the listening students taking notes on a pad of paper.

School of Public Health students are eligible for Federal Work Study to work part-time to provide financial support.  Graduate students can apply for employment as a Graduate Hourly Student Employee, which is not based on financial need.  Read more for information on how to apply and how payments are disbursed.

Other Types of Financial Aid Heading link

Students sit at a table at the C-Stop at UIC, a dedicated space for student studying and engagement.  These students are all seated with a laptop, typing on their laptops.

Further financial aid opportunities are available to School of Public Health students including benefits for military veterans, access to public service loan forgiveness programs, emergency tuition funding and funding for academic opportunities including research, presentations and travel.