Research Highlights

A medical professional fills a needle with the COVID-19 vaccine solution in preparation for an inoculation.

Current State Immunization Laws and COVID-19

SPH researchers analyze current state laws on vaccinations for children attending school, analyzing how exemptions and opt-outs could impact COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

A busy intersection in Chicago's Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.

Barriers to Social Distancing Drive COVID-19 Cases

Researchers from SPH and the UIC College of Medicine found in barriers to social distancing was a more significant factor than air quality or use of public transportation.

Heather Prendergast headshot.

New COVID-19 Study Examines Hypertension Complications

A new COVID-19 research project led by alumna Dr. Heather Prendergast will investigate the connections between hypertension and severe illness from COVID-19 among UI Health patients.

A migrant farmer adjusts his cap while picking produce from a row of crops.

PhD Student Named Health Policy Scholar

Lupita Quintana has been named a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar in support of her research on pesticide-related illnesses among migrant farmers.

A National Geographic promo for the series

Bringing People Together on Climate Change

A new study suggests that engaging, high-quality media programming could help Democrats and Republicans see eye to eye when it comes to climate change.