Research Highlights

A memorial for George Floyd outside of Cup Foods in Minneapolis.

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd and Protests

We write at an historic and solemn moment for our country. A global pandemic grips the nation, disproportionately devastating communities of color, and cities from coast to coast are shaken by the poignant…

A medical professional administers a COVID-19 nasal swab test.

Illinois COVID-19 Testing Needs

Examining the estimated number of COVID-19 cases in Chicago, researchers determined 21,000 tests are needed daily in the state to keep up with the caseload.

A chart showing estimated versus diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Chicago.

Estimating Undetected COVID-19 Cases in Chicago

SPH researchers Sage Kim and Jiehuan Sun use biostatistical modeling to estimate how widespread COVID-19 is in Chicago.

A student works on an assignment n patterns, writing with a pencil on paper, while sitting at a desk in a Chicago Public School.

CDC Selects UIC for Public Health Research Network

The UIC School of Public Health is one of only 25 schools selected to join the CDC’s Prevention Research Center network to advance policies that improve population health.