Philip Ricks headshot.

Contact Tracing for Communities of Color

Alumnus Philip Ricks with the CDC is leading a nationwide effort to design contact tracing for communities of color that addresses longstanding health inequities.

Urszula Tyl headshot.

Alumna Investigates Outbreaks in Environmental Health

After years investigating food-borne illness and diseases in child care settings, alumna Urszula Tyl is leading contact tracing efforts with Jefferson County Public Health.

An aerial view of the Stateville Correctional Center.

The Pandemic Behind Bars

Note:  after the original publication of this report, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office provided additional information concerning the total number of detainees who came in contact with the Cook County Jail during the mid-March to mid-June period.…

An aerial view of the Cook County Jail.

Limiting COVID-19 Transmission by Reduced Inmate Populations

An analysis of early release of offenders as an infection control strategy, highlighting further public health challenges that need to be addressed by early release.

Two medical professionals, dressed in personal protective gowns, masks and face shields, prepare a COVID-19 test sample for processing.

Testing and Social Isolation Needs in Jails and Prisons

This analysis explores two critical needs in correctional settings:  providing inmates facing extreme social isolation with outlets for interaction and ensuring testing supplies are adequate to mitigate an outbreak.

The building of the Cermak Health Service at the Cook County Jail.

Attending to Inmates' Basic Public Health Needs

An analysis of steps local and state leaders can take to ensure basic public health needs of inmates are met during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A graphic showing the science of contact tracing, with one infected person infecting multiple others, and so on down down multiple levels of infection.

SPH to Co-Lead Contact Tracing in Chicago

The City of Chicago announced the UIC School of Public Health will be an integral partner in a $56 million initiative to build contact tracing capacity during the pandemic.

A pizza restaurant has a sign board outside that says

Reopening Plans for Restaurants

Dr. Peter Orris, chief of occupational and environmental medicine at UI Health, told Restaurant Business restaurants need to be flexible as they adopt best practices.