Paul Sambanis headshot.

Planning for Flu Season During the Pandemic

Paul Sambanis told the South Korean news program Global Insight that flu season planning should focus on the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

California National Guard members load potatoes into the back of a truck, with boxes of food stacked behind them.

SPH Experts Author Food Assistance Recommendations

Alumna Sabrina Young, PhD, and professor Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD, write for the Society of Behavioral Medicine arguing for increased food assistance during and after the pandemic.

An aerial view of a coal mine.

New Grants Fund Black Lung Surveillance

New grant funding will continue the work of the MINER Center to evaluate Black Lung disease cases among coal miners living in Illinois and Indiana.

Suzet McKinney headshot.

Wall Street Journal Analyzes Future of Healthcare

SPH's Suzet McKinney took part in a nationwide analysis for the Wall Street Journal on the future of hospitals and healthcare delivery as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

A doctor conducts a telemedicine consultation, viewing a screen with a video link to a patient and another computer screen with diagnostic information.

Telemedicine's Rise Brings Access Questions

SPH's Uchechi Mitchell told the Tampa Bay Tribune the rise of telemedicine should be accompanied by efforts to ensure accessibility for all populations.