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The Peer Support Team members are advanced MPH students who are dedicated to helping their fellow students succeed academically. The team offers individual and group sessions to help students understand public health concepts and skills, and to assist with class assignments in a relaxed and supportive environment. Services are free of charge and available to all undergraduate and masters-level Public Health students, regardless of skill level or comfort with the material. From understanding basic content to more advanced support, visiting the Peer Support Team is a great way to increase your comfort and success in your academic work.

The Peer Support Team is comprised of 3 members: a Writing Specialist and two Quantitative Methods Specialists. The Writing Specialist provides assistance with all aspects of written assignments, including brainstorming paper topics, thesis development, paper organization, proofreading and citations. The Quantitative Methods Specialists review basic concepts and methods, review homework assignments, conduct exam review sessions, provide SAS assistance, and more. All three Specialists work with one another and in consultation with course instructors, TAs and ODI staff to ensure that students at SPH have the support they need to succeed in their coursework. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Peer Support Team today!

Quantitative Methods Specialist

Maria Dionicio Bernabe

Cindy Ndiaye, MPH Candidate


Cindy Ndiaye is a second year MPH student in Biostatistics. She holds a B.S. in Biochemistry with a minor in psychology from UIC. Cindy’s research and laboratory experience from 2014 to present-day include physical chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, applied statistics, epidemiology, and microbiology/virology. She currently is associated with conducting data analyses for UIC’s Greater Lawndale Healthy Work (GLHW) program and has recently completed a stratified analysis based on Greater Lawndale survey data focused on the association of precarious work and the development of mental distress. Cindy looks forward to continuing to practice and learning the core elements of biostatistics/epidemiology and is excited to help students with quantitative topics this Fall.

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Quantitative Methods Specialist

Courtney Oei headshot

Courtney Oei, MSCandidate


Courtney Oei is a second year MS student in Epidemiology. She holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Educational Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Courtney is currently working at the Illinois Department of Public Health doing syndromic surveillance of emergency department (ED) visits and inpatient admissions for opioid overdoses, marijuana use, and, of course, COVID-19. In addition to monitoring ED visits, she also works in the ED as an EMT at the University of Chicago Emergency Department. Courtney is so excited to work with students to understand the fundamental concepts of Epidemiology and Biostatistics!

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Writing Specialist

Anna Ahn headshot

Anna Ahn, MPH & MBA Candidate

Health Policy and Administration

Anna Ahn is a second year MPH Health Policy and Administration student and is also a candidate for a Masters in Business Administration. Academically, she is interested in understanding and interpreting health inequities through social theories. At the School of Public Health, Anna’s is learning ways to integrate on the ground voices into strategic planning and decision making processes. Presently, Anna is an Infection Control Practitioner at Sinai Health System, where she participates in the surveillance and reporting of infectious disease. As a Care Coordinator at Lawndale Christian Health Center, Anna is involved in the follow of care for ER discharge patients and internal performance assessment of Better Birth Outcomes, a prenatal care program. Anna is also an intern at the Field Museum where she participates in Chicago Green Equity and the Roots & Routes initiative. Anna is the Writing Specialist for the Peer Support Team with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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