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Degree Requirements

Students in the online Comprehensive Program must complete the number of electives necessary to earn a minimum of 42 SH credits.  Please note that tuition waivers may not be applied to the online program.

MPH Student Handbook

School-Wide Core Requirements (18-20 semester hours) Heading link

  • IPHS 401 – Determinants of Population Health (4 semester hours)
  • IPHS 403 – Public Health Systems and Management (4 semester hours)
  • IPHS 420 – Interprofessional Education (0 semester hours)
  • IPHS 650 – Applied Practice Experience in Public Health (3 to 5 semester hours)
  • IPHS 698 – Integrative Learning Experience (1 semester hour)

A total of six semester hours must be completed from the following courses:

  • IPHS 402 – Analytic and Research Methods in Public Health  (6 semester hours)


  • IPHS 404 – Analytic and Research Methods in Public Health Part 1  (3 semester hours)
  • IPHS 405 – Analytic and Research Methods in Public Health Part 2  (3 semester hours)

Divisional Core Requirements (15 semester hours) Heading link

Required Courses

  • CSHC 421 – Community Health 1: Assessing, Promoting and Improving Community Health (4 semester hours)
  • CHSC 422 – Community Health 2: Evidence-Informed Community Health Interventions (4 semester hours)
  • CHSC 423 – Community Health 3: Professional Development in Public Health Practice (4 semester hours)

Selective Course

Choose one of the following three courses:

  • CHSC 430 – Public Health Policy and Advocacy (3 semester hours)
  • CHSC 527 – Critical Issues in Long Term Care Policy (3 semester hours) (currently unavailable)
  • CHSC 543 – MCH Policy and Advocacy (3 semester hours)

Concentrations Heading link

The online Comprehensive Program requires 42 total SH.  Of the remaining credits needed to earn the minimum 42 total SH required for the online MPH, all of which are to be approved by your faculty advisor, at least 6 must be CHSC coursework. Students in the online MPH may apply to enter the program in Global Health, or concentrations in MCH or MCH Epidemiology, but should note that some of the coursework for those must be completed onsite.  See the page for the Global Health program for information about that curriculum, and the onsite MPH in Community Health Sciences for additional detail about the coursework for the MCH and MCH Epidemiology concentrations.