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Certificate Requirements


  • HPA 465 - Health Information and Decision Support Systems (4 semester hours)
    Introduction to computer assisted management information and decision systems in health organizations: analysis and design of databases; data and information flow; reports; and uses microcomputers.
  • HPA 481 - Development of Public Health Surveillance Information Systems (3 semester hours)
    Examination of the process and methods of designing and evaluating public health information surveillance systems.
  • HPA 450 - Public Health Informatics Certificate Integrative Paper (0 semester hours)
    Student will develop an integrative paper that will synthesize and apply the knowledge acquired from the program to address a public health informatics problem. Course Information: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.  Students must register for the integrative paper during the last semester of enrollment in the campus certificate program.

Select at least three of the following courses:

  • HPA 436. GIS for Environmental and Public Health Professionals (4 semester hours) Aims to promote a critical understanding of the basic practices and techniques associated with GIS applications in the environmental and public health areas.

  • HPA 483 - Management of Communication Systems for Public Health Informatics Applications (4 semester hours)
    Focuses on the examination and management of current information communication systems and their applications in public health informatics.

  • HPA 485 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Health Informatics (3 semester hours)
    Examination of the legal and ethical issues involved in the use of health related information in public health.
  • HPA 486 - Survey of Public Health Information Systems (4 semester hours)
    Focuses on survey of various public health information systems with respect to their functionalities, planning, design, development, sustainability, interoperability, and management.
  • HPA 488 - Public Health Information Systems Evaluation and Project Management (3 semester hours)
    Introduces students to the fundamental principles of information systems project evaluation and project management, with specific references to public health practice.
  • HPA 563 - Web-Based Public Health Information Systems (4 semester hours)
    Examination of web based applications in public health practice and factors in the design of web based public health education and database systems.
  • HPA 564 - Geographic Information System Applications in Public Health (3 semester hours)
    Advanced level GIS course to promote critical understanding of the major practices associated with GIS in the many applications areas found in public health.
  • HPA 565 - Data Mining Applications in Public Health (3 semester hours)
    Presents the key public health information system sources, describes the process of datamining and introduces the student to a sample of datamining techniques.