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Clinical Careers and Public Health

Many undergraduate students end up pursuing science majors to address the required hard science courses for admission to medical, dental and pharmacy school, even though science is not their passion.

Our students considering future clinical study are often passionate about immigrants and their health and rights, global health, community health, child development, food insecurity and nutrition, gun violence, workers' rights and more.  Our programs help you develop a holistic view of health, looking at how community needs, the environment and government policies impact the health and well-being of people in Chicago and around the world, all while facilitating completion of pre-requisite courses for the next step in your academic journey.

  • Complete pre-reqs

    In four years, you can earn a degree in public health and complete the pre-requisite requirements for application to medical, dental and pharmacy school.

  • Gain real-world experience

    Fieldwork and practicum experiences in the public health programs challenge you to address real-life issues of health equity.

  • Strengthen your application

    Work experience in public health demonstrates your commitment to serving others and expertise of community health, health equity and global health.