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Certificate Requirements

HPA 459 - Introduction to Health Inequities in the United States (3 semester hours)
Introduction to the origins, evolution and debates surrounding "disparities" in health. Through readings, discussions and lectures participants will be exposed to debates about health inequities in the US and how they might be eliminated.

HPA 462 - Quantitative Methods of Health Disparities Research (4 semester hours)
Students will learn concepts and quantitative research methods in US health disparities with a focus on local Chicago data.

HPA 464 - Sociocultural Dimensions of Health Disparities Research (3 semester hours)
Addresses a range of measurement issues and additional concepts that are important when conceptualizing, planning, and conducting health disparities research.

HPA 469 - Evidence Based Policy Development and Implementation: Health Disparity Case Studies (3 semester hours)
This case study based course focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of health policy that aims to reduce health disparities in the US. Emphasizes systematic public policy approaches to address health disparity issues.