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DMD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science

If you are interested in conducting research and transferring clinical skills from "bench to the bedside," "study to practice," and "practice to policy," then you should consider UIC's DMD/MS in Clinical and Translational Science joint degree program.

Through didactic coursework, a series of workshops and seminars, and a mentored research project, the joint DMD/MS CTS helps build a new generation of dental faculty and clinical investigators focused on teaching evidence-based dentistry and improving patient health through research. Graduates of the DMD/MS CTS program are ready to enter and capitalize on specialty programs that provide research opportunities combined with clinical training.

Interested dental students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, preferably no later than May 1 of their first year in the DMD program (D1 year). Dental students choosing the joint program should be dedicated to the goals of both programs and of high academic talent to accomplish the goals and demands of the joint program. The program will typically require only one year beyond the commitment for the DMD degree.

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About the DMD and Degree Requirements

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