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COVID-19 Resources

Important Websites for COVID-19 Information Heading link

Staying Safer During the COVID-19 Pandemic Heading link

The following documents provide information about how to stay safer in everyday situations when people are unable to quarantine or isolate indefinitely.

ChiTracing Videos Heading link

Youtube Playlist: Vaccine Education Week

View this playlist to view recordings from vaccine education week in January 2021

YouTube Playlist: Contact Tracing

View this playlist to learn more about contact tracing and the ChiTracing initiative.

YouTube Playlist: Risk Communication for CHWs

View this playlist to watch a 5-part training about risk communication.

Vaccines Heading link

COVID-19 Basics and Prevention Heading link

Information for the Workplace Heading link

Testing and Healthcare Heading link

Information about testing and when to seek medical care.

COVID-19 and Influenza Heading link

Academic Publications Heading link