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School of Public Health faculty, divisions, administrative offices and research centers employ graduate students as teaching (TA), research (RA), or graduate assistants (GA). The stipend amount is determined by the appointing unit and may be subject to tax. Tuition and the service fee are waived for assistants if the appointment is between 25 and 67 percent for at least three quarters of the term (91 calendar days in fall or spring semester, 41 calendar days during the summer session). All assistants must maintain a minimum of eight semester hours in the semester for which the waiver is held (three in the summer term).

Graduate students who hold academic appointments as assistants for the spring semester are entitled to a waiver for the summer term immediately following, if:

  • Tuition and service fees were waived in the spring term.
  • The student is registered for at least three hours during that summer term.
  • The student does not hold a summer assistantship.

Graduate students holding a summer assistantship must satisfy eligibility requirements for a waiver as previously described (i.e., have an appointment between 25 and 67 percent for at least three quarters of the term (41 calendar days during the summer session) and be registered for at least three semester hours during summer session).

Tax Considerations

If the amount of the tuition and service fee waiver exceeds $5,250, the excess is deemed income under the Internal Revenue Code and taxed accordingly. Please visit the Graduate College website for the more information.

Tuition Differential

Waivers received through assistantships do not cover tuition differentials for the School of Public Health.

How to Apply

Initially students are considered for assistantships through their division/program’s funding assistance application. Please do not use the Graduate College application for assistantships unless specifically requested. Additionally, students are able to seek out assistantship opportunities throughout the campus. The SPH Office of Student Services posts assistantships as they become available on the SPHVIEWS listserv.

Additional Info

To receive additional information on assistantships, please visit the Graduate College website.

To determine stipend amounts and rates, please visit the Human Resources website.