The Public Health Informatics certificate program is intended for professionals with public health experience who wish to upgrade their informatics skills, individuals interested in a shorter course of study in public health informatics, and for those students enrolled in schools of public health in or outside the United States wishing to establish a public health informatics specialization with the agreement of their participating schools as part of their present degree program.

The certificate program is ideal for students seeking an overview of public health informatics, whether public health professionals or students of traditional public health programs interested in a concentrated introduction to public health informatics. Candidates will specifically develop:

  1. Proficiency in health data definitions and standards
  2. Knowledge of the basic functions and operations of public health information systems
  3. Ability to plan and manage public health information systems projects
  4. Expertise to specify the requirements for the development or adaptation of public health information systems

The academic certificate in Public Health Informatics requires 16-19 semester hours (SH) and is designed for completion in three semesters (two courses each fall and spring semester and one during the summer semester), and must be completed over a maximum period of five years.  A Certificate can be earned in 15 months; however, there is an accelerated Certificate option which allows for completion of requirements in 12 months.

Students completing Certificate coursework receive academic credit which may be applied toward an MPH if the student later pursues a degree.