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Research Article Awards

Articles are nominated and selected by the UIC public health community annually. Awards recognize and highlight the excellent research that is being produced in the School of Public Health, including the Institute for Health Research and Policy.

Awardees 2023 Heading link

Student First-Authored

Lai, Y. F., Lee, S. Q., Tan, Y. R., Lau, Z. Y., Phua, J., Khoo, S. M., Gollamudi, S. P. K., Lim, C. W., & Lim, Y. W. (2022). One-bed-one-team-Does an integrated general hospital inpatient model improve care outcomes and productivity: An observational study. Frontiers in Public Health, 10, 779910.


Gowrisankaran, G., Joiner, K., & Léger, P. T. (2022) Physician practice style and healthcare costs: Evidence from emergency departments. Management Science 0(0).

Early Career

Kim, H., Samet, J. M., & Bell, M. L. (2022). Association between short-term exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 mortality: A population-based case-crossover study using individual-level mortality registry confirmed by medical examiners. Environmental Health Perspectives130(11), 117006.

Global Health

Pham, T. N. D., Le, D. H., Dao, D. V. B., Phan, L. T. B., Pham, T. T. T., Nguyen, T. B., Mize, G. W., Gish, R. G., Lee, W. M., Trang, A., Le, A. N., Chen, M., Jr, Phan, H. T., Nguyen, B. T., Tang, H. K., & Dao, D. Y. (2022). Establishing baseline framework for hepatitis B virus micro-elimination in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – A community-based seroprevalence study. The Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific, 30, 100620.

Community Collaboration

Cohen, R. A., Rose, C. S., Go, L. H., Zell-Baran, L., Almberg, K. S., Sarver, E., Lowers, H. A., Iwaniuk, C., Clingerman, S., Richardson, D., Abraham, J. L., Cool, C., Franko, A., Hubbs, A. F., Murray,  J. D., Orandle, M. S., Sanyal, S., Vorajee, N. I., Petsonk, E. L., Zulfikar, R., & Green, F. H. (2022). Pathology and mineralogy demonstrate respirable crystalline silica is a major cause of severe pneumoconiosis in US coal miners. Annuals of the American Thoracic Society19(9).

Faculty-Student Collaboration

Persky, V., Abasilim, C., Tsintsifas, K., Day, T., Sargis, R. M., Daviglus, M. L., Cai, J., Freels, S., Unterman, T., Chavez, N., Kaplan, R., Isasi, C. R., Pirzada, A., Meyer, M. L., Talavera, G. A., Thyagarajan, B., Peters, B. A., Madrigal, J. M., Grieco, A., & Turyk, M. E. (2023). Sex hormones and diabetes in 45-74-year-old men and postmenopausal women: The Hispanic Community Health Study. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Advance online publication.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Bonney, T., Rospenda, K. M., Forst, L., Conroy, L. M., Castañeda, D., Avelar, S., Castañeda, Y., Holloway, A., & Hebert-Beirne, J. (2022). Employment precarity and increased risk of hazardous occupational exposures among residents of high socioeconomic hardship neighborhoods. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 66(9), 1122–1135.


Honorable Mention Articles

Abasilim, C., Persky, V., & Turyk, M. E. (2023). Association of blood total mercury with dyslipidemia in a sample of U.S. adolescents: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Database, 2011–2018. Hygiene and Environmental Health Advances, 6, 100047.

Boodram, B., Mackesy-Amiti, M. E., Khanna, A., Brickman, B., Dahari, H., & Ozik, J. (2022). People who inject drugs in metropolitan Chicago: A meta-analysis of data from 1997-2017 to inform interventions and computational modeling toward hepatitis C microelimination. PloS One17(1), e0248850.

Lai, Y. F., Lim, Y. W., Kuan, W. S., Goh, J., Soong, J. T. Y., Shorey, S., & Ko, S. Q. (2021). Asian attitudes and perceptions toward hospital-at-home: A cross-sectional study. Frontiers in Public Health, 9, 704465.

Rauscher, G. H., Murphy, A. M., Qiu, Q., Dolecek, T. A., Tossas, K., Liu, Y., & Alsheik, N. H. (2021). The “sweet spot” revisited: Optimal recall rates for cancer detection with 2D and 3D digital screening mammography in the Metro Chicago Breast Cancer Registry. American Journal of Roentgenology, 216(4), 894–902.

Williams, L. D., Mackesy-Amiti, M. E., Latkin, C., & Boodram, B. (2021). Drug use-related stigma, safer injection norms, and hepatitis C infection among a network-based sample of young people who inject drugs. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 221, 108626.

Zimmermann, K., Muramatsu, N., Molina, Y., Carnahan, L. R., & Geller, S. E. (2023). Application of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to understand implementation context of a cardiovascular disease risk-reduction intervention in rural churches. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 13(4), 236–244.

Research Article Award Guidelines Heading link

School of Public Health and Institute for Health Research and Policy Research Article Awards

The Committee on Research is now accepting nominations for the AY 2022-2023 Research Article Award Competition. The overarching goal of this competition, now in its third year, is to recognize and highlight the excellent research that is being produced in the School of Public Health (inclusive of the Institute for Health Research and Policy). To be eligible for this year’s competition, articles must be either published in 2021 or 2022 or fully accepted for publication (i.e., “in press” or “forthcoming”) in a peer-reviewed journal at the time of the nomination. Articles that received recognition in a previous year’s competition (honorable mention or award) are not eligible. However, any articles not selected for recognition are eligible to be nominated again this year assuming they have been published in the time frame noted above. Nominations of articles can be made by anyone inside or outside of the SPH community and self-nominations are welcome. Separate awards will be made in each of the following categories (note that Global Health is a new category!):

  • Student Article: SPH student first author
  • Early Career Article: assistant professor, postdoc, or research staff person affiliated with SPH or IHRP as first author (or senior author in the case of student co-authors)
  • Open: any SPH- or IHRP-affiliated faculty, student, or staff as first or senior author
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration Article: authors from more than one SPH division or center within IHRP, including one who is first author
  • Faculty-Student Collaboration Article: both SPH- or IHRP-affiliated faculty and student authors, one of whom is first author
  • Community Collaboration Article: both SPH- or IHRP-affiliated author(s) and authors affiliated with a community organization (inclusive of departments of public health and other governmental entities) Articles can be nominated for only one award category.
  • Global Health Article: any SPH- or IHRP-affiliated faculty, student, or staff as first or senior author

Nominated publications must list UIC School of Public Health, one of its divisions or units, or the Institute for Health Research and Policy as the primary affiliation of qualifying author(s) for a given award category to be eligible within that category. Nominations will be accepted through February 20, 2023.

The Committee on Research will review nominations and select both an awardee and honorable mention article within each category. Selections will be announced during February in the spring semester.  The lead author of the top selected article in each award category will receive $250 and will be expected to provide a short video summary of their research to be shared on the SPH website.


1. SPH Students include both current students as well as those who were SPH students when the research for the article being nominated was conducted.

2. Early career status is based on the author’s status at the time the research was conducted.

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