An image of an inhaler, next to an image of a smiling Black woman.

Cleaning Product Use Affecting Asthma More in Pandemic

New research co-led by Kamal Eldeirawi, PhD in Epidemiology '06, found increases in disinfectant use during the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing environmental triggers for asthmatics.

A medical professional injects a vaccine into the arm of a patient.

Vaccine Access Reveals Longstanding Disparities

Jeni Hebert-Beirne told USA Today community-engaged researchers are not surprised by the racial inequities revealed in Chicago's initial data on COVID-19 vaccinations.

A medical professional olds up a vial of a COVID-19 vaccine.

FEMA Sites Open, Winter Weather Interferes

Ron Hershow told the Associated Press the recent downturn in COVID-19 cases nationwide may be a tipping point toward a gradual ending of the pandemic.

Patrons eat at outdoor tables under canopies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illinois Revenue Losses Not as Severe as Expected

A new report from the Institute for Public and Government Affairs, co-authored by SPH's Lisa Powell, finds Illinois revenue losses were not as drastic as feared during the pandemic.

A hydraulic arm picks up scrap metal and loads it in the back of a truck trailer.

Proposed Metal Recycling Spurs Protests

SPH's Susan Buchanan told The Guardian that metal recycling operations like General Iron do not belong anywhere near residential housing due to harmful particulate matter.

Paul Sambanis photo.

Steps to Improve Vaccine Distribution

Alumnus and professor Apostolis Sambanis told Crain's Chicago Business there is no firm answer as to whether a local or centralized approach to vaccination is preferable.