Health Data and Informatics Experts

Michael Petros

Expert on:  clinical laboratory testing, screening policy, surveillance, genetics, data analysis

Michael Petros served 38 years at the City of Chicago and State of Illinois public health laboratories, first as a senior microbiologist and later, as chief of operations for the newborn /metabolic diseases screening section.  His research interests include developing decision-making strategies for genetic screening policy and his teaching interests include population genetics, public health policy, disease screening, data analysis and the visual display of data.

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Apostolis Sambanis

Expert on:  disaster management, environmental risk management.

Apostolis Sambanis’ current research interests involve risk visualization and decision support content for managing disasters or measuring resilience. Previously research includes evaluation of a geospatial health risk computer program funded by the USEPA known as Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA), implementing the CDC BRACE climate change adaptation framework for the state of Illinois, and developing a Private Sector Integration Plan for the creation of logistical inventory software to be used during a disaster response event.

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