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Thesis/Dissertation Formatting

For students who have successfully defended their thesis/dissertation, formatting of the document is the final step prior to submission of  thesis/dissertation to the Graduate College. The Office of Student Affairs provides a format review and final approval for submission to the Graduate College. DrPH students are reviewed within the program. Instructions, forms, and information of the format review process are listed below.

Guidelines and Forms Heading link

All students are required to follow the format guidelines provided by the Graduate College Thesis Manual and submit for a format review at the School of Public Health prior to submission to he graduate college. The Graduate College Thesis Manual and the information on the SPH Format Review process are linked below.

Thesis Submission and Graduation Deadlines Heading link

Format Review Process Heading link

The purpose of the Thesis/Dissertation format review is to approve students’ thesis/dissertations for final submission. Any document that is not in a final draft version will be rejected for in-depth review. Students, whose thesis/dissertation has been rejected, may resubmit their document for format review up until the SPH submission deadline. If a Thesis/Dissertation received at the SPH submission deadline fails to meet the final draft versions standard, it will be rejected for the term.  Students whose Thesis/Dissertation has been rejected at the SPH submission deadline will need to work toward resubmission for the subsequent term.

A final draft version of a Thesis/Dissertation is defined as: The document closely follows the Graduate College Thesis Manual guidelines and does not exhibit overarching pattern errors of formatting or appearance.  For DrPH students, the process is managed by the DrPH Program Director’s Office.

Finalizing the dissertation/thesis

Following successful defense of the Thesis/Dissertation, students must submit a final draft for format review and approval prior to submitting it to the Graduate College. Students that have not defended their Thesis/Dissertation are not eligible for review. Please see the process document linked in an earlier section of this page.

Submission for review

Students submit their Thesis/Dissertation as a Microsoft Word Document to the Dissertation/Thesis Reviewer:  Nina Sandlin at ( and copying Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, John T. Slavick ( on all communication.

DrPH students have slightly different requirements and should consult with their program coordinator Sophie Naji ( for deadlines and process details.