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SPH Academic Integrity Tutorial

Welcome to the Academic Integrity Tutorial for the UIC School of Public Health. Here at the School, we hope to promote an environment of professionalism based on the tenet of academic integrity. Academic integrity exists when students and faculty seek knowledge honestly, fairly, with mutual respect and trust, and accept responsibility and any consequences for their actions.

This tutorial will help to outline the major components of academic integrity and how engaging in acts of academic dishonesty can negatively affect your grades, peers, and future. Many students have been disciplined for their dishonest actions – don’t let this happen to you.

All students entering the School in Fall 2010 or later are required to successfully complete this tutorial. All other students are encouraged to complete the module to increase awareness of academic dishonesty offenses and learn how to avoid such instances in their assignments and research.

Before you begin the Academic Integrity Tutorial, please note the following:

  • Computer Requirements - The Tutorial requires Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser to operate properly. The newest Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser is available for free download.
  • Time Requirements - Please make sure you have budgeted enough time to complete the entire tutorial (we expect it to take approximately 30 minutes). The tutorial cannot be saved for later access so if you exit the tutorial before completing all components, you will have to start over from the beginning.
  • Audio Requirements - There is NO audio in this tutorial. You will not need headphones or computer speakers to complete this tutorial.
  • Advancing Slides - To move forward in the tutorial, you may either click the screen or click the Forward button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Quiz - At the end of the tutorial, you will be required to complete a quiz with plagiarism examples. You must answer all questions correctly to complete this tutorial satisfactorily. If you do not get all answers correct, you will have to retake the quiz until you receive 100%.

Tutorial Instructions Heading link

There are two required modules and tests to complete:

  • Definitions module and test
  • Plagiarism module and test*

To access the tutorial:

  • Click the ‘Modules and Test’ link on the left navigation
  • Read the content of the modules and the slides
  • Click the ‘Reviewed’ button once you have completed reading the slides. The test will not be viewable until the ‘Reviewed’ button has been selected.
  • Complete the test

The ‘Plagiarism’ test will not be viewable until you score 100% on the ‘Definitions’ test. You have unlimited attempts to score 100% on each test.

To complete the required training, you must score 100% on both modules. You may view your score in the grade book. The SPH Office of Student Affairs will review scores on a weekly basis and provide students with a confirmation email once they have completed the requirements. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please direct them to Candace White at

Begin the SPH Academic Integrity Tutorial