Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The UIC School of Public Health is dedicated to excellence in protecting and improving the health and well-being of the people of the metropolitan Chicago area, the State of Illinois and the nation, and of others throughout the world. The School achieves this mission by: educating scientists, professionals and the public; conducting research to develop solutions to public health problems; providing public health service; and formulating public health policy.

We Value:

  • Unity in economic and cultural diversity

  • Equity in health and social justice

  • Excellence in academics and practice

  • Engagement with the communities we serve

Statement of Values

Our community of scholars, students and staff is dedicated to creating a healthy society. In achieving this goal, we are committed to:
  • Community

    The basic unit of analysis for public health, enabling communities to address their own problems, sharing skills, lowering barriers to action, and acting as a catalyst for progress.

  • Justice

    Whereby everyone is given access to the resources necessary to live a humane life and to fulfill their full potential.

  • Humility

    As we set our goals, as we work together to achieve them, and as we address the inevitable conflicts produced by those joint efforts.

  • Knowledge

    The pursuit, development and dissemination of which will improve the health of the public.

  • Professionalism

    Acting with integrity and collegiality in learning, teaching, research and public service.

  • Stewardship

    Of natural, human and financial resources.

  • Idealism

    Whether secularly or spiritually motivated.

  • Caring

    Promoting compassion for and action on behalf of others.

  • Diversity

    Celebrating unique contributions to the fabric of our community.

  • Respect

    for the members of this community and for those whom our efforts are intended to serve.