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Each program is offered primarily in an asynchronous format, which allows students to learn anytime, anywhere. Students are expected to keep pace with assignments, discussion, and exams as posted in the online course syllabus. Through web-based discussion on Blackboard and UIC’s online course management system, students should plan to log into the class at least four times per week. On average online students should expect to spend between eight and ten hours per week per course on course-related activities. The distance-based master's programs are all delivered entirely online. Campus visits are not required.


The MPH in Public Health Informatics Program is for students interested in developing expertise in the systematic application of information technology to public health practice, research and learning. Graduates will gain competencies in the traditional public or population health disciplines and informatics.

ELIGIBILITY: This program is ideal for state and local public health agency personnel, staff of managed care organizations, international health agency personnel, federal health officers, physicians and other healthcare providers; MPH in PHI students range from those seeking enhancement and advancement in their current careers to individuals who are transitioning to new and challenging opportunities in the healthcare information field.

CONTENT: This program requires a minimum of 45 semester hours (SH) and is designed for completion in 2 years when enrolled full-time or 3 years when enrolled part-time.

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    Health Policy and Administration offers Professional Enhancement Program (PEP) students the opportunity to earn their MPH through online coursework.

    ELIGIBILITY: This online program was developed with the diversity of interests among public health professionals in mind, and makes it ideal for any public health administrator, manager or mid-career professional.

    CONTENT: The program consists of six core courses, as well as supporting coursework, a capstone and a practicum.  The 42 semester hour curriculum is designed to provide participants with the managerial skills needed in the public health sector and to enhance their skills in communication, strategy development, ethics and values, political comprehension and advocacy. The program mirrors the onsite program in all ways, except in location, which is entirely online. MPH PEP students work directly with an adviser to select courses that further diversify their skill set and promote career development. This customization allows students with a wide range of backgrounds to learn more about policy and management from a public health perspective.

    Outline of MPH Curriculums (to see the full student handbook, MPH Student Handbook 2016-2017)


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