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BACHELOR OF ARTS in Public Health


BA Overview

If you are interested in exploring an exciting and interdisciplinary field that aims to improve health at the community level, the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health may be right for you! The BA in Public Health is a junior entry program in which students acquire an array of skills that can be applied to many forms of inquiry, analysis, scientific and moral reasoning, and practice. Students complete 60 hours of prerequisite course work at UIC or another college or university and then an additional 60 hours of major course work if admitted to the program.

With a BA in Public Health, graduates can pursue entry level positions in the public health workforce or graduate school within the health sciences or related fields by building the necessary prerequisite course work into their studies. Those who go on to careers in medicine, nursing, and dentistry (to name a few) will find that the School of Public Health provides a broad foundation in the biological and behavioral sciences, viewed from social ecology and population-based perspectives. Our graduates emerge from the program prepared to tackle health equity and social justice issues.

Goals of the Program

The overarching goals of the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health are to produce citizens who will:

  1. Rise to the challenge of understanding the world in a nuanced way expressing a broad world view and an expansive view of health.
  2. Be informed, attuned, and energized advocates of health accepting individual responsibility to effect positive change.
  3. Demonstrate skill in critical and analytical thinking.
  4. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with a variety of audiences.
  5. Be sensitive and astute observers.
  6. Commit to being educated consumers of health information.
  7. Apply skills and tools acquired to an array of roles in the realm of employment contributing directly or indirectly to public health.


Want to Learn More?

If these goals sound intriguing to you, please explore our website to learn more about our program. To learn more about public health including the impact public health has on our society and career opportunities in the field, please visit the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH).

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