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Degrees and Programs

Jump start your career and advance beyond your peers by applying today to one of the multidisciplinary degree or certificate programs in HPA.

Policy and Management

Practice-based, values-based education onsite and online from experienced, professional faculty in the best city for shaping the future of health, leading to great careers.

Research programming to develop or sharpen skills.

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Name Type Description Apply
Master of Public Health  On-Site & Online Provides the education necessary to join the new generation of public health leaders, addressing key issues related to public health law and policy, public health administration, communication and public health ethics. Apply >
Master of Science  On-Site  Designed to prepare new researchers to concentrate on the development of testable research questions and the practice of sound research Apply >
Doctor of Philosophy  On-Site Provides students with the conceptual and analytical skills needed to pursue research careers in academia, research institutes, and consulting firms, and to be legislative and regulatory staff at government or industry research programs. Apply >
Master of Science in Clinical Translational Science  On-Site Designed to train clinicians to become leaders in clinical and translational research. Students are primarily post-doctoral or post-residency fellows and junior faculty. Apply >
Certificate in Public Health Management   Online Learn to apply theories, concepts, and tools to the kind of management tasks that public health professionals encounter daily. Apply >
Certificate in Health Disparities Research   Online Designed to provide easily accessible training in health disparities research skills. HDR provides practitioners with essential research skills and is taught by experienced and well-funded faculty. Apply >

Public Health Informatics

Big Data deciphered with the lens of public health. Learn the principles of public health, enriched within the context of public health informatics.

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Name Type Description Apply
Master of Public Health in PHI  Online Nation’s first only 100% online program in PHI. Designed to develop experts in the systematic application of information technology to public health practice, research and learning. Apply >
Certificate in PHI  Online Develop proficiency in health data definitions and standards, knowledge of the basic functions and operations of public health information systems, ability to plan and manage public health information systems projects, and expertise to specify the requirements for the development or adaptation of public health
information systems. 
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Certificate in PHGIS  Online Provides students with an understanding of fundamental GIS tools and their practical applications. Combining cartography, spatial analysis and data management, GIS is a rapidly emerging field in public health. Apply >
Master of Science in PHI  Online Aims to address these essential research needs as well as to create highly skilled professionals in the surveillance field which is becoming a major national deficiency. Apply >

Healthcare Administration

Real-life education with real-time results, Combines competency in management with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and of the management issues it faces.

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Name Type Description Apply
Master of Healthcare Administration  On-Site Designed for: managers, administrators and supervisors already working in healthcare or related fields who want to advance their skills to become executives and leaders; and new graduates who want to enter the healthcare field as managers. Apply >
Executive Master of Healthcare Administration  Hybrid Develop clinicians and executive administrators to integrate their experience with a thorough understanding of the complex factors affecting the delivery and sustainability of health services organizations. This program is designed for individuals who already have extensive experience as practicing clinicians and some leadership experience. Apply >



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