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Health Policy and Administration


HPA Overview

HPA has a faculty of teachers and scholars who have long participated in public health; locally, nationally and internationally. We continue to break new ground as researchers, accomplished authors, engaging teachers, community leaders and advocates. Our influence extends far beyond our role as educators; our research  seeks solutions to real-world problems and we are improving people's lives in Chicago and around the world. Our backgrounds consist of a variety of disciplines, including health economics, psychology, political science, health services, health informatics, law, public health practice, and public policy.


The notion of experiential education, or learning by doing, has a long history; experiential activities, discussion and collaboration are among the most powerful learning tools available and each of HPA’s programs has an experiential-learning component.


HPA Faculty represent a wide range of career paths from Adjunct Practitioners to distinguished Researcher. Our dynamic faculty provide student’s access to Public Health agencies and the various benefits of those relationships.  UIC HPA's many community partnerships truly offer students the time and space to apply learned competencies in real world application, engage in ongoing mentorships, experience firsthand career paths, and develop mutually meaningful experiences throughout Chicago with those who are currently working to improve the ever-evolving field of Public Health.


Chicago provides an expansive range of opportunities for students to experience public health while they attend the University. This kind of connection to public health is evident in the positive response to our MHA Preceptorship and MPH Partnering Programs; local public health agencies in the city are eager to host our students as interns and our MHA students are matched with top-level healthcare leaders at Chicago-area’s largest healthcare centers.

Chicago is home to many respected institutions of higher education making it a clear choice to pursue an advanced degree. Virtually any learning resource unavailable at UIC can be found at one or more of our many sister colleges and universities.

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