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The School of Public Health (SPH) offers a full-time and part-time track leading to the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA). The Master of Healthcare Administration is a rigorous 60 credit degree program designed for students who have chosen a management career in health services organizations such as hospitals, community-based ambulatory care centers, managed-care plans, the health supply chain, and long-term care providers. To further support our students working full-time some MHA courses are offered on Saturday. These classes are in addition to the evening and on-line courses.

Students will receive an educational program that combines competency in management with an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and of the management issues it faces. Required core courses emphasize population health, health of communities, accounting, economics, finance, human resources, informatics, marketing, and management and are taught by faculty who currently work in the field. The program coordinates practical experience through the MHA Preceptorship with medical centers, hospitals, long-term care organizations, and ambulatory care centers.

AY 2018-2019 Student Handbook is coming soon.

Outline of Curriculum (to see the full student handbook, MHA Student Handbook 2017-2018)


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