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Samuel Dorevitch

Samuel Dorevitch

Dr. Samuel Dorevitch has a MD from the University of Chicago and an MPH from the UIC School of Public Health.

Title/Position at UIC: Dr. Dorevitch is the Division Director and research Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the UIC School of Public Health.

Courses Taught: EOHS 455 (Occupational and Environmental Toxicology) and EOHS 553 (Global Environmental Health)

Areas of Interest: Water quality as a determinant of health; environmental microbiology; impacts of climate change on health

Current and Recent Projects: Solar powered water disinfection in Kenya: a pilot-scale analysis of a novel water disinfection system operated on solar power (data collection complete; data analysis ongoing).

Water quality and the health of children in Western Kenya: a trial that compares the impacts of three water treatment method on diarrhea occurrence in children (current).

Solar powered water treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal (preliminary pilot study ongoing).

Build Resilience Against Climate Effects in Illinois (BRACE-Illinois). Ongoing CDC project.

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