COVID-19 News Stories

Ron Hershow photo.

WGN TV covers COVID increases in Illinois

Ron Hershow, professor of epidemiology, told WGN News that non-vaccination interventions such as mask usage and social distancing need to continue as variants continue to spread.

Dima Qata photo.

Walgreens and vaccine scheduling

Alumna Dima Qato told the New York Times that Walgreens' current practice of spacing Pfizer vaccines by four weeks instead of three may build mistrust in the vaccine process.

Michael Cailas photo.

Analyzing New Upticks in COVID Cases

Michael Cailas told the Chicago Tribune the spread of new variants is likely driving upticks in COVID-19 infections, both in the U.S. and across the globe.

An aerial view of the town of Bushnell, Illinois, bisected by railroad tracks.

COVID-19 widens disparities in rural Illinois

A new report from SPH and statewide partners finds the pandemic has negatively impacted preexisting health disparities in rural Illinois, with recommendations toward health equity.

The cover of a certificate of vaccination card from the World Health Organization, commonly used before the pandemic.

Vaccine Passports as a Public Health Tool

Ron Hershow, MD, professor of epidemiology, told ABC 7 Chicago the use of vaccine passports moving forward could be a key tool toward a broad reopening of society.

A graphic shows 68 percent of attendees at a high-intensity fitness class over one week developed COVID-19.

Analyzing a COVID-19 outbreak at a Chicago gym

Frances Lendacki '17 and Janna Kerins '15 co-authored a new report for the CDC that tracked widespread infections among 81 attendees at a high-intensity fitness class.