COVID-19 News Stories

Subway riders in Toronto wear facemasks during their commute.

Analysis Examines Mask Usage in Canada

An commentary by Margaret Sietsema and Lisa Brosseau was featured by the Toronto Star in a discussion of the proposed widespread use of masks during COVID-19.

An aerial view of the Stateville Prison in Illinois.

Chicago Reporter Analyzes Prison Response

SPH's Sage Kim noted Illinois jails and prisons have disproportionately high rates of people with chronic illness, an indicator of risk for severe COVID-19 infection.

A mother holds a stuffed animal while looking at a children's outdoor play area.

When home does not offer shelter: partner violence in the time of pandemics

Professor Alisa Velonis and alumna Molly McGown with the UIC Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health examine risks and recommendations for partner violence during COVID-19.