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Midwest COVID-19 Data Dashboard

The School of Public Health's Public Health Geographic Information Systems certificate program created these COVID-19 data dashboards to strengthen operational insights that enhance data-driven decisions. They were explicitly designed to overcome some of the limitations identified during the COVID-19 pandemic and the plethora of dashboards it created.

Data for households, nursing homes and total populations Heading link

A map of Midwestern states showing cumulative fatality rates for COVID-19 by county.
Cumulative fatality rates
A county-by-county analysis across Midwestern states of the death rate due to COVID-19 per 100,000 people.
A map showing the progression of waves of COVID-19 infections across Midwestern counties.
Fatalities by waves
Distinct spikes in COVID-19 infections and deaths are charted for Midwestern states.
A map showing waves of COVID-19 fatalities as compared with rural and urban populations.
Rural and urban populations
Tracking the rise and fall of COVID-19 deaths based on rural and urban characteristics of Midwestern counties.
A map showing the density of population in counties versus fatalities in waves of COVID-19 infections.
Fatalities and population density
Comparing fatalities in different waves of COVID-19 infections and population density of counties.
Bar charts show the amount of deaths attributable to each Midwestern state over the early weeks of 2021.
Total fatalities by week
A time series look at the proportion of household and nursing home deaths by each Midwest state across the weeks of the pandemic.
Bar charts showing which Midwest state accounted for shares of fatalities during the pandemic.
Proportional analysis of fatalities
Accounting for household and nursing home deaths by proportion in each state across the weeks of the pandemic.
A time series chart showing the number of cases by day across Midwestern states
Day-to-day cases and fatalities
Two charts track the number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities on a daily basis across Midwestern states.