Research Project

Contextual Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Among Young Persons Who inject Drugs

Principal Investigator
Boodram, Basmattee
Research Area(s)
Infectious Diseases
Funding Source
National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Drug Abuse) R01DA043484


Alarming increases in injection drug use (IDU) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) incidence are occurring among a new generation of suburban and rural young persons who inject drugs (PWID). To date, no known study has elucidated factors driving the increase in HCV incidence among young suburban PWID. Our longitudinal study will (i) improve understanding of potentially key contextual factors (social networks, social norms, physical and social geography, IDU and HCV stigma) that impact HCV risk and linkage to treatment and (ii) inform the development of innovative strategies (e.g., network interventions) to eliminate HCV in the United States by 2020, a goal set forth in 2014 by the Department of Health and Human Services.