Research Project

Empowering Latinas to Obtain Breast Cancer Screenings

Principal Investigator
Molina, Yamilé
Research Area(s)
Community Engagement
Health Disparities
Funding Source
National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute) K01CA193918


The participatory-based project will quantify the ‘added benefit’ of an empowerment intervention relative to an education intervention for 150 Latinas on the following outcomes: women’s adherence to breast cancer screening guidelines; women’s psychosocial facilitators (self-efficacy, norms, support, and knowledge); and women’s dissemination of breast health messages throughout their social network. The empowerment intervention will train Latinas in how to discuss breast health with their family and friends and volunteer in local breast health promotion programs. Academic, clinician, and community partners will work together throughout intervention development and evaluation.