Research Project

Study on Apps as a Tool for HIV Medicine Adherence

Using mobile phone technology to increase medical adherence among HIV-positive Black gay men.

Principal Investigator
Dworkin, Mark
Research Area(s)
Health Promotion
Infectious Diseases
Funding Source
National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Mental Health) R01MH116721


African American men who have sex with men (AAMSM) have high HIV infection rates, disproportionate mortality, the lowest percentage of retention in care and a lower likelihood of viral suppression – an outcome that relies on antiretroviral therapy adherence. This study is examining the efficacy of “My Personal Health Guide,” a theory-based innovative talking relational human Avatar mobile phone application to engage HIV- positive AAMSM in adherence and retention in care. Providing an empathetic talking Avatar source of HIV- related information, motivation, and behavioral skills that is as private and convenient as their own mobile phone may produce a high impact by overcoming barriers to HIV adherence and retention in care such as stigma and health literacy.