Research Project

Computational Discovery of Effective Hepatitis C Intervention Strategies

A grant project developing a data-driven agent-based model for persons who inject drugs, with the goal of identifying effective interventions to eliminate Hepatitis C.

Principal Investigator
Boodram, Basmattee
Research Area(s)
Health Promotion
Infectious Diseases
Funding Source
National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Drug Abuse) 1R01GM121600


In conjunction with researchers from Loyola University Chicago, Basmattee Boodram is working to develop a comprehensive, empirical data-driven agent-based model for persons who inject drugs (PWID)—termed Hepatitis C Elimination among PWID (HepCEP)—using the Chicago PWID population as a template and proof of concept. HepCEP would enable policy makers to identify the most effective intervention strategies for elimination of Hepatitis C, which was deemed feasible by 2030 by the World Health Organization.