Poster Printing Services

Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the poster office is going to be suspending all services until further notice.  We will update you with more information when possible.  Thank you.

Perla Chebli, 14th Annual SPH Research and Practice Awards Day

Perla Chebli, 14th Annual SPH Research and Practice Awards Day


SPH Poster Printing Services produces professional posters for research conferences and other scholarly activities at nominal cost to SPH faculty and students. SPH Poster Printing Services prioritizes the research/practice activities of our faculty and students, but poster requests from other campus units may be printed under special circumstances.



  • Poster printing for Capstones and select SPH courses: Posters printed for CHS and EOHS Capstones, as well as those printed for IPHS 410 and CHSC 511 will have specific deadlines determined at the beginning of each semester. Contact your Academic Advisor or Course Instructor for information on poster due dates. Please be aware that late submissions cannot be accommodated, as the office receives an extremely high volume of requests near the end of each semester (especially in the months of March and April).
  • Poster printing for the Annual SPH Research and Scholarship Day:  This year we are hosting a virtual Annual SPH Research & Scholarship Day, and you can find poster information on the Annual SPH Research and Scholarship Day page.
  • Poster printing for other activities (e.g., conferences): Posters will be produced within 4 business days once the requisition form and poster file are submitted and checked for proper formatting by SPH Poster Printing Services staff. Last minute “rush” jobs (submission inside 4 business days lead time) may be accepted only if staff can accommodate them, but will incur an additional $25.00 charge.



Complete the SPH Poster Printing Requisition Form (found below). Make sure to complete and sign the “Checklist for Poster Printing” on the back of the SPH Poster Printing Requisition form. Electronic signatures are accepted.

E-mail the completed Poster Requisition Form and your completed poster file in PDF or PPT format to SPH Poster Printing Services staff will review your requisition and poster file and contact you once it has been approved.







Hours of Operation: Spring 2020

Koumudhi Kammari - GA
Monday 10:00am – 01:00pm
Wednesday 02:00pm – 05:00pm
Thursday 07:00am – 10:00am
Friday 10:00am – 12:00pm
02:00pm – 04:00pm


Please direct all inquiries and questions regarding poster printing to or (312) 996-4226. We will respond as soon as possible.