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School of Public Health and Institute for Health Research and Policy Research Article Awards

The Committee on Research is now accepting nominations for the AY 2021-2022 Research Article Award Competition. The overarching goal of this competition, piloted last year, is to recognize and highlight the excellent research that is being produced in the School of Public Health (inclusive of the Institute for Health Research and Policy). To be eligible for this year’s competition, articles must be published in 2020 or 2021 or be fully accepted for publication (i.e., “in press” or “forthcoming”) in a peer-reviewed journal at the time of the nomination. Articles that received recognition in last year’s competition (honorable mention or award) are not eligible. However, any articles not selected for recognition are eligible to be nominated again this year assuming they have been published in the time frame noted above. Nominations of articles can be made by anyone inside or outside of the SPH community and self-nominations are welcome. Separate awards will be made in each of the following categories (note that Community Collaboration is a new category!):

  • Student Article: SPH student first author
  • Early Career Article: assistant professor, postdoc, or research staff person affiliated with SPH or IHRP as first author (or senior author in the case of student co-authors)
  • Open: any SPH- or IHRP-affiliated faculty, student, or staff as first or senior author Multidisciplinary Collaboration Article: authors from more than one SPH division or center within IHRP, including one who is first author
  • Faculty-Student Collaboration Article: both SPH- or IHRP-affiliated faculty and student authors, one of whom is first author
  • Community Collaboration Article: both SPH- or IHRP-affiliated author(s) and authors affiliated with a community organization (inclusive of departments of public health and other governmental entities) Articles can be nominated for only one award category.

Nominated publications must list UIC School of Public Health, one of its divisions or units, or the Institute for Health Research and Policy as the primary affiliation of qualifying author(s) for a given award category to be eligible within that category. Nominations will be accepted through December 1, 2021.

The Committee on Research will review nominations and select both an awardee and honorable mention article within each category. Selections will be announced during February in the spring semester.  The lead author of the top selected article in each award category will receive $250 and will be expected to provide a short video summary of their research to be shared during SPH Research and Scholarship Week.


1. SPH Students include both current students as well as those who were SPH students when the research for the article being nominated was conducted.

2. Early career status is based on the author’s status at the time the research was conducted.

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