A chart showing a reading of the DNA of a gene

New Research Weighs Ethics of Genomic Screening

The public health and ethical impacts of genomic screening are the focus of a new paper co-authored by the School of Public Health’s Kee Chan, PhD, clinical assistant professor of health policy and administration.

A pill bottle lays on its side, with pills inside and pills spilled beside it.  A needle sits on top of the pills.

Taking Aim at Opioid Abuse

Associate Professor Basmattee Boodram is designing interventions through a pair of National Institutes of Health grants to address and eliminate Hepatitis C transmission among opioid users.

Hua Yun Chen headshot

Analyzing Complex Health Science Data

Hua Yun Chen is a professor of biostatistics whose research has been focused on developing innovative statistical methods for analyzing complex health science data.

Sage Kim headshot.

Examining How Inequality Affects Health Outcomes

Professor Sage Kim is examining a range of inequities in public health outcomes, including disparities in police surveillance, public health challenges in jails and access to breast cancer care.