SPH Opens New Learning Space

The School of Public Health completed construction on a new large classroom in the SPHIPI building on UIC's west campus.  SPH alumni will recall this space as the old gymnasium, harkening back to the days of the old psychiatric hospital that occupied the building.

This project was planned before the pandemic, but the pandemic has reinforced the value of investing in spacious classrooms and equipping them with leading-edge technology.  This new classroom now joins four of our other larger classrooms. The school now has two large classrooms solely on the first floor and the auditorium which also serves as a lecture hall. Even in our current environment—where campus classrooms have suffered capacity reductions to promote public health measures like social distancing, we have learned that large classrooms are very valuable because they can be reconfigured and used safely. Classroom 160 is both a large room and equipped with furniture that can easily be re-configured as needed.