Safety, Security and Building Updates


Vaccine Disclosure:

The UIC campus is safe and all employees were required to either verify vaccination status through UIC Healthcheck, or request an exemption based upon allowable medical or religious reasons.  The deadline for these processes was August 1st.  If you have not already submitted, please do so as soon as possible.

If you are having issues submitting, or if you have any questions related to the process, please contact Thomas Warfield - or Kamil Czarnowski -

All students who are vaccinated and those who have an approved vaccine exemption are expected to attend in-person classes. Because this fall is a transition semester, students who are not able to attend in-person classes will have the option to complete their course work through synchronous or asynchronous online courses, or by streaming and/or watching recordings of in-person courses. Students should be aware that some courses do require in-person participation. Students can consult the Disability Resource Center (DRC) for potential accommodations.

More information on the DRC may be found below in the SPH Faculty Requirement section below.

Building Access

Under the current COVID guidelines, campus is providing standardized schedules for campus buildings. Colleges can pick from various options provided by campus and adjust for special occasions or events, but otherwise a building will be on one of a set of “numbered schedules”. For more information on campus building schedule standardization please visit

  • The SPHPI (975) standardized schedule is as follows:  i-card access 7am-7pm M-F.

All students, faculty and staff participating in on-campus activities (outside of the hospital and clinics) will be required to use UIC Healthcheck tool to record health status before coming to campus each day. An enhanced UIC Daily Pass shows current saliva testing status in addition to daily self-reported status.

  • Currently, all personnel must swipe-in at any of the SPHPI card readers to access the building.
  • Anyone experiencing i-card or a card reader device issues can present a UIC Daily Passto building personnel for access showing current saliva testing status, daily self-reported status, or exempted status.

Phase 5 Classroom Safety Guidance

As of 8/5/21, the following guidance is applicable for use of classrooms:

  • Instructors teaching in-person should bring their own teaching supplies (i.e., dry erase markers and erasers).
    • The SPH front desk can provide markers and erasers to instructors who are teaching onsite in classrooms. Instructor can request supplies by emailing, calling the 312-413-2012 number, or stopping by in-person at the desk.
  • Classrooms will be equipped with disinfecting wipes. Users will be able to wipe down desk or table surfaces as needed.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for classrooms with a normal capacity of above 50 persons.
  • All UIC personnel must follow and respect all COVID-19 prevention and safety signage/guidance, including space occupancy capacities.
  • Physical Distancing
  • As the UIC student population will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, physical distancing in classrooms is no longer necessary. The only capacity limits in place in Phase 5 are capacity limits required by Fire Code.  However, colleges must be poised to return to six feet spacing if the public health situation warrants a return to social distancing.
  • All COVID distancing capacities and signage will remain displayed, but only applicable if instruction is given to colleges to revert to six feet distancing.
  • For additional information on current distancing requirements for classrooms, refer to the UIC EHSO COVID-19 resource page here, and look under COVID-19 Space Standards.