In Chicago, 70 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Are Black

A map showing COVID-19 deaths in Chicago by neighborhood area and by race.

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) investigated the disproportionate fatality rate of Black residents of Chicago during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Their story featured SPH's Dr. Linda Rae Murray, adjunct professor of health policy and administration, and Antonio Davis Jimenez, director of the Community Outreach Interventions Projects.

It’s disturbing and upsetting, but not surprising. This is just a reflection of the facts that we already know about these pandemics. People who are vulnerable will die quicker and won’t have as many resources.

Dr. Linda Rae Murray  |  Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Administration

People that we serve in the neighborhoods that we target, they can have multiple people living in a household. And so it’s really difficult to stay inside and do this thing. In fact, there’s an incentive to want to go outside.

Antonio Davis Jimenez  |  Director, Community Outreach Intervention Projects

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