A Geographic Look at Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities in Chicago

The elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are most at risk for severe complications due to infection with COVID-19. This means that residents of nursing homes and assisted living communities are at a higher risk, both because of the physical characteristics of the residents and the close contact with other residents and caregivers in these facilities. The danger present to residents of these facilities has been evident in the outbreak occurring at a nursing home called Chateau Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, in DuPage County.  According to a March 24th Chicago Tribune article, there are currently 46 cases, among the residents and staff in this one facility, and there has been 1 death. For this reason, we have presented a map of the Chicago Wards and the locations of assisted living and nursing home facilities within them so that we can pay closer attention to protecting care providers and residents in these facilities.

Based on the map, it appears that the wards in the northeast corner of the city have the highest number of elderly care facilities and more generally there are a large number of facilities on the north side. There are also two wards further south that have a high number of elderly care facilities. Ward 49 has eight facilities, followed by Wards 50 and 48 which have six each and Wards 3, 7, 40 and 44 which have five each. Wards 40, 44, 40, 49 and 50 are all located on the northeast side of the city. Wards 3 and 7 are located further south. The wards with five facilities or more represent locations with a larger number of the very vulnerable residents, and extra precaution should be taken to prevent the spread of the virus to the facilities where these residents live.

Map of assisted living and nursing home facilities

Map showing the volume of assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Chicago.  An accessible version is available at the link to the map in the link block below the text.

This map displays the location of assisted living and nursing home facilities in the City of Chicago. The data can be displayed with the Chicago Wards or Chicago Community Area boundaries. The list of assisted living facilities was obtained from IDPH, which licenses the facilities. The list of nursing homes was obtained from medicare.gov. The nursing homes are licensed by many different organizations, and the ones displayed on the map are only those that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding. Thus, this map may not capture all of the nursing home facilities in the state because it leaves out privately funded facilities.

Each facility can be clicked on to view its name, address, which city ward it is located in and a variety of additional information such as the number of beds or units available in the facility. For the nursing homes, the average number of residents per day is also listed, which may be a key piece of information to estimate how full each of the nursing home facilities are. Additionally, the Number of Facilities by Ward layer shows the Chicago Wards and the number of facilities within each ward. If only that layer is active, clicking on each ward will display its number and the number of facilities within it. The layer is symbolized so that the darker the color, the more facilities there are in that ward.

Map of assisted living facilities

Map of assisted living facilities in Chicago.  An accessible version of the map is posted at the link after the text.

The names of just the assisted living facilities and the wards they are in are listed below. Additionally, a map specifically displaying the assisted living facilities within Chicago Wards and Chicago Community Areas follow this description.

There are two facilities in Ward 41: Presence Resurrection Retirement Community and Norwood Crossing.  Ward 38 has one facility: Autumn Green at Wright Campus. Ward 40 also has one facility called Hartwell Place. The 48th Ward has two facilities called Admiral at the Lake and Selfhelp Home, Inc. A facility called Artis Senior Living of Lakeview appears to be located in Ward 44. Ward 44 also has two additional facilities, Brookdale Lakeview and Brookdale Lake Shore Drive, for a total of three facilities. The 43rd Ward has one facility: Sunrise of Lincoln Park. The facility called St. Joseph Village of Chicago is also on a boundary, between the 30th and 31st Wards, but it actually belongs to Ward 31. Ward 42 has one facility called Terraces at The Clare. The 5th Ward also has one facility: Montgomery Place. There are two facilities in the 7th Ward: Colfax Manor Assisted Living and Ever-Green Manor Memory Care. Ward 13 contains one facility called Autumn Green at Midway Village. Finally, Ward 19 has two facilities: Mercy Circle and Smith Village. The ward with the most assisted living facilities is the 44th Ward, with three facilities.

Map of assisted living facilities

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