Oct 15 2021

Chemicals, Pollution and Pregnancy Conference

A virtual conference on reproductive environmental health

October 15, 2021

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Chicago, IL 60612

This year’s reproductive environmental health conference, Chemicals, Pollution, and Pregnancy will be hosted by the Great Lakes Center for Reproductive and Children’s Environmental Health.  A Zoom invitation will be provided upon registration.

The first 50 residents to register will receive $50 for attending the conference. We are also offering free CME credits for participation!

The 2021 virtual reproductive environmental health conference is designed for OB/GYNs, family physicians, pediatricians, midwives and residents. At this year’s conference, our esteemed panel of experts will share evidence- based information related to our conference theme, “Chemicals, Pollution, and Pregnancy”. We will discuss the latest, most promising research developments and clinical advancements for reproductive environmental health. Our aim is to provide information for health care personnel and to develop strategies to improve the quality of patient care.



Debby Porter

Date posted

Aug 17, 2021

Date updated

Aug 17, 2021