Community-Based Research Methods Concentration

This concentration emphasizes skills to appropriately identify and apply public health research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) in public health practice and research careers.  Courses focus on:

  • critically evaluating methodologies for public health research
  • applying appropriate research methodologies to public health questions
  • developing appropriate recruitment strategies and instruments for collecting and analyzing different types of data
  • effectively communicating the development of and results from quantitative and qualitative research projects
  • articulating with confidence the values of quantitative and qualitative research projects

Concentration Requirements

Students in the Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences program can earn a concentration in Community-Based Research Methods by taking at least three of the following courses:

  • CHSC 434 – Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Public Health (3 semester hours)
  • CHSC 446 – Research Methods in Community Health (3 semester hours)
  • CHSC 447 – Survey Planning and Design (3 semester hours)
  • CHSC 534 – Management and Analysis of Qualitative Data (3 semester hours)
  • CHSC 577 – Survey Questionnaire Design (3 semester hours)