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Dr. Sharon Telleen Maternal and Child Health Awards

This award provides funding to graduate students enrolled in Maternal and Child Health programs and shall be given to assist doctoral students with dissertation research.

Frederick J. Kviz PhD Dissertation Research Support Scholarship

To support PhD student research scholarships in the Community Health Sciences Division. Recipients shall have passed the PhD preliminary examination and have not been a prior recipient of the scholarship. The scholarship is intended to support research that develops or employs an innovative theory, intervention, research design, measurement, data collection method, or analysis strategy, ideally on emergent issues in community health sciences. Innovations may be in the form of a new approach, substantial modification, or new application. The research scholarship is intended to support expenditures directly related to conducting PhD dissertation research, such as: purchase special equipment or supplies, travel to data collections sites, access data from records or archives, pay subject incentives, or pay data collection staff.

W. W. Wiebel Dissertation Research Scholarship

This scholarship shall support graduate scholarships in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. These graduate students should be in the formative phase of developing their dissertation research plans, whose work will focus on public health problems and/or issues in community-based settings. Dissertation research designs are expected to be multi-method, including both epidemiologic and ethnographic components. The first, to characterize and establish the epidemiological profile of the problem(s) being investigated. The second, to include the voice and perspective to those most directly impacted by the problem(s) being investigated. To the extent that the findings are amenable, dissertation research results should address promising avenues of intervention.

Budget Proposal Template

Download below the Budget Proposal Template for use in the doctoral award application in SNAP.