Pharmacy School Track

Considering a career path as a pharmacist?  The BA in Public Health degree at the UIC School of Public Health gives you the flexibility to complete all pre-pharmacy course requirements and prepares you with a broad background in the health needs of individuals and communities that can set you apart as a pharmacy school applicant.

Our advisors will work with you to craft a four-year plan weaving in pre-pharmacy course requirements with the core curriculum of our BA in Public Health degree.

Why public health on your journey to a career as a pharmacist?  The role of the pharmacist is changing; no longer are pharmacists simply dispensing medication.  Unlike seeing a doctor, no appointment is necessary at most community pharmacies, meaning pharmacists are uniquely positioned in the community to provide public health services, in some cases 24 hours per day.  Pharmacists are leading health screenings for diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis, providing information on self-care for hypertension, asthma and HIV, working with people seeking to quit smoking, offering advice on drug use prevention and providing counseling and health education.  Pharmacists with an understanding of the health needs of particular neighborhoods and communities are uniquely positioned to make a difference in achieving health equity and well-being for those they serve.

If serving people in your community as a pharmacist is where you're headed, studying public health is a great way to start.

Summary of pre-pharmacy courses

Sample Four-Year Plan

The following list of courses by semester is to be used as a template for how the BA in Public Health degree provides flexibility to complete all required coursework for pharmacy school admission.  It is not an official plan of study for any particular student.  Course planning should always be completed with an advisor.

This four-year plan reflects 16 credits of foreign language coursework.  Students with a background in a foreign language may complete testing upon entering UIC that reduces the amount of foreign language coursework they are required to take.

Additional prerequisite coursework may be required based on a student’s placement test results.


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