Dental School Track

Looking to make a difference in your community as a dentist or oral health leader?  The BA in Public Health degree at the UIC School of Public Health can strengthen your journey toward serving the oral health needs of people in Chicago and around the world.

The BA in Public Health program is a good fit for future dentists because it provides the flexibility to complete the required pre-dental courses for future admission to dental school.  In addition, students gain a deep understanding of health needs and challenges of communities in Chicago and around the world and strategies to address these needs.

A background in public health provides career flexibility for you after dental school.  Not all dental school graduates go into clinical work.  Dental public health, recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association since 1950, focuses on dental and oral health issues in communities and populations rather than individual patients.  Access to dental care in the United States and around the world is often limited by financial barriers.  Dental public health practitioners lead assessments that determine oral health needs in communities, develop community-based prevention and treatment programs and analyze populations, and focus on health equity and social justice through oral health.

If you're looking to make a difference as a dentist, studying public health is a great way to start.



Summary of pre-dental courses

Sample Four-Year Plan

The following list of courses by semester is to be used as a template for how the BA in Public Health degree provides flexibility to complete all required coursework for dental school admission.  It is not an official plan of study for any particular student.  Course planning should always be completed with an advisor.

This four-year plan reflects 16 credits of foreign language coursework.  Students with a background in a foreign language may complete testing upon entering UIC that reduces the amount of foreign language coursework they are required to take.

Additional prerequisite coursework may be required based on a student’s placement test results.


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