Curricular Themes

  1. Health as a moral endeavor: exploring the moral importance of health and healthcare considering individual and societal commitments and obligations including the fair use of limited resources.
  2. Health equity: having equitable access and the means and resources to attain one’s full life potential. Here, MPH students Kimberly Silva and Gabrielle Lodge pose for a picture standing in front of supplies they transported to Mississippi to support families of those arrested in ICE raids.
  3. One health among humans, animals and environment: the inextricable relationship among animal, human, and environmental health as determined by evolutionary biology, human behavior and environmental phenomena.
  4. Sam Reinders
    Local and global impact: appreciation for the global systems that influence the processes, dynamics, and activities of the world’s populations; health as a multi-faceted state shaped within, such as biological, socio-cultural, geographic, economic, and political contexts.