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Intra/Interdepartmental Concentrations

The Intra/Interdepartmental Concentrations below include electives in a number of topic areas including Global Health, Black Studies, Gender Women's Studies, Violence Studies and Women's Health and may be completed by students in Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science (MS) program and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD). Please contact your academic advisor for a list of the available electives and program requirements.  While all these concentrations satisfy requirements for UIC, none are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Global Health Heading link

The Global Health Program Curriculum provides MPH and MS students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to confront and successfully address emerging global health problems.

Black Studies Heading link

Black Studies is a robust interdisciplinary area of study that is informed by traditional disciplines including history, literature, sociology, philosophy, political science, and psychology, as well as newer and emerging fields including gender studies, postcolonial studies, disability studies, and Asian American, Latinx, and indigenous studies.  This concentration provides graduate students a deeper understanding of scholarship and research methods in Black Studies and to foster participation in an interdisciplinary community of young scholars engaging with faculty experts. The concentration will enable researchers and practitioners with a wide range of intellectual and professional interests to develop expertise in race, culture and politics before they embark on their careers.

Gender and Women's Studies Heading link

At all levels, Gender and Women’s Studies encourages students to critically examine the complex intersections of gender, sexual identity, race, class, ethnicity, and ability. Courses in the concentration will allow students to critically examine issues of women and gender, as well as their complex intersections with race, class, ethnicity, and sexual identity; providing a rich, interdisciplinary focus.  Students work with faculty across a variety of disciplines including African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Criminology, Law and Justice, Disability and Human Development, English, History, Latin American and Latino Studies and Social Justice to bring a truly interdisciplinary approach to their studies.

Women's Health Heading link

This concentration encompasses the multidisciplinary of Women’s Health and provides training in the foundations of Women’s Health through its structure and content. The Core courses provide a broad overview of the field and issues within Women’s Health, and they address the need for a conceptual and applied background in Women’s Health. The elective allows a student to pursue an issue or area of professional interest in Women’s Health. The multidisciplinary requirement in this Concentration ensures that a student has significant exposure to a paradigm other than the dominant paradigms used within their own school or department.

Violence Studies Heading link

This concentration provides students with a holistic view of the problem of violence in society and deepens their knowledge and skill set to address it. This concentration aims to produce broadly trained individuals who can apply theories and methods from multidisciplinary perspectives to critically analyze and effectively respond to various types of violence in society through innovative programs of research, policy development, treatment, and prevention.

Intra/Interdepartmental Concentration Offerings by Degree Heading link

Concentration MPH MS PhD DrPH
Global Health Program Curriculum (Intradeparmental) Yes Yes No No
Women's Health (Interdeparmental) Yes Yes Yes No
Gender and Women's Studies (Interdeparmental) Yes Yes Yes No
Violence Studies (Interdeparmental) Yes Yes Yes No
Black Studies (Interdepartmental) Yes No Yes No