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SPH Committee on Research (COR) is seeking nominations (self or other) to participate in a Grant Bootcamp.

COR will conduct an eight session “grant bootcamp” designed for 4-6 faculty with projects/proposals that have high potential for successful external funding. The bootcamp will include three components: (a) Mini-presentations led by experienced NIH-funded researchers; (b) cohort/peer mentoring; and (c) mentorship by senior faculty with successful grant funding. The bootcamp is targeting faculty with existing proposals, proposal drafts, or applications in preparation for resubmission that would benefit from additional feedback, development, and guidance and be ready for submission within three months after the bootcamp ends. 


The eight session bootcamp will take place twice a week from May 28 through June 19, specific dates and times to be determined. Participants must attend at least six of the eight sessions to ensure adequate peer/cohort mentoring. In your response, please list any restrictions on your date/time availability from May 28 – June 19.

Session Format

Each session will begin with a mini-lecture on one component of a grant proposal (e.g., significance/impact) followed by a brief discussion including questions and answers

(approx. 40 minutes). Next, each faculty will present a draft of their proposal section and receive comprehensive feedback from the group (approx. 20 minutes per person).

Curriculum Topics

  • Week 1 (Sessions 1-2): Significance/Impact (scientific premise, major drivers in overall impact)
  • Week 2 (Sessions 3-4): Specific Aims/Innovation (primary goals of the study and novelty)
  • Week 3 (Sessions 5-6): Approach (communicating rigor and transparency, addressing reviewers’ expectations, sex as a biological variable)
  • Week 4 (Sessions 7 - 8): Other grant documents: Human subjects, data safety and monitoring, resource sharing, letters of support, biosketches

Approximately one month after the end of the bootcamp, there will be a mock study session where participant grants will be reviewed.

If you are interested, please submit an abstract and specific aims along with the attached cover page by Monday, May 1, 2017 to: Julie C. Kong (, SPH Office of Research Services

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